We keep it simple – here’s what our
Keyword Rank Tracker offers

Our keyword rank tracker provides you with the essentials to track your keyword
positions in three search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Create categories for every project

Creating categories to separate your projects has never been easier. There’s no limit to how many categories you can create.

Add keywords one by one or in bulk

Add your keywords one by one, or if you already have a list of keywords, you can just copy-paste the entire list in our Bulk Keyword Adder.

Receive Alerts For Every Keyword Change

If your keyword experienced a change in position, our alert system will immediately notify you of this change in our client area.

Track Rankings collectively

You can see an overview of how well your keywords are performing for an entire category without having to look at each keyword individually.

Track Rankings Individually

You can also see the specific ranking position of every keyword of any given category in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

See the average rank for every category

For every category, you can see the average rank of all the keywords. This allows you to quickly understand if you’re improving or not.

See the history of the keyword position in a graph

Want to know the progress of your ranking? Look back at how your keyword has been performing up to a year.

Local ranking available

Check how your keyword is ranking in Google for a specific country, like Google.co.uk or Google.ca. More than 100+ to choose from. See the full list here.

See Live Rankings

Our keyword rank tracker, unlike others, updates your keywords very frequently – every 2 hours or every 24 hours, depending on your plan.

Detailed Features

Local or Global Rank Checker

Track your rankings locally or globally


You can track your rankings in the standard Google.com search engine, but if you do SEO locally, we offer an extensive list of other Google TLD’s you can track. We have it for every country. See the full list here.

Track your keywords simultaneously in Google, Bing, and Yahoo


RankViewer tracks all your keywords in the biggest search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Our keyword positions are accurate


We’re continuously working on improving the algorithm of our rank tracker; right now it works identical to the more expensive search engine rank tracker options.

Simple user interface


We believe in simplicity – we only display the most essential information that is required for you to know how well you are ranking for your keywords. We do not overcomplicate and overburden you with features that you won’t be using anyway.

Live Rank Tracker

See your rankings live – updated regularly


All your keyword rankings are updated either every 24 hours or every 2 hours. This means that all your positions are in tune with how they really appear in Google. There are no delays.

Graphical overview of your keyword position history


Our graphs will show you the history of your keyword positions. You can go back 1 week, 1 month, and even 1 year.

Keyword Rank Tracker Pricing

  • Free 25

  • 0/ month
    • 25 keywords
    • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Local tracking enabled

  • Beginner 100

  • 5/ month
    • 100 keywords
    • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Local tracking enabled

  • Beginner 100

  • 10/ month
    • 250 keywords
    • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Local tracking enabled

Why RankViewer is The Best Rank Tracker For You


Price per keyword

On-demand keyword position updates

Multiple keyword position updates per day

Average keyword position per category

Free trial without commitments

30-day Money Back Guarantee