Privacy Policy Statement

Last updated 03/07/2018

This is our Privacy Policy Statement, that’s compliant with the newly issued EU regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s here to inform you of ways our company, Rankviewer (in the further text “Rankviewer,” “we,” “our” or “us”), gatherers, processes, and shares your personal information. It also serves the purpose of informing you of your rights and obligations the new data law specifies.


Since we know how important privacy is, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information we gather from you is of the utmost importance to us. The data we collect while providing our Services will never, under any circumstances (apart from those specifically described in this Privacy Policy Statement) be disclosed or shared with anyone.


Your data will be protected and handled with great care. Our main goal is to preserve the information you have entrusted us with, and we will only use it to provide the Services we offer, maintain the accounts you have with us, and for other reasons listed in this Privacy Policy Statement.


Your data will never be disclosed or shared, save from the instances when that is necessary for Service provision. We will never sell, rent or use your personal information for purposes not disclosed and agreed upon in this Privacy Policy Statement. If the need to do so rises, however, you will be notified immediately of the reason for it, and you will be given an opportunity to give or withdraw your consent.


Furthermore, you have some choices and rights when it comes to the way and volume in which we collect, use, maintain, access and share or disclose your personal information.


Please read our Privacy Policy carefully so you could inform yourself about the previously mentioned rights and obligations. By subscribing to our Services and using our website, you agree to all the terms set out in this statement.


The visitors, end users, service users, and attendees all need to comply with this Privacy Policy Statement. It is the ultimate decree on the way Rankviewer collects and regulates, processes and shares your personal information.


The personal information we collect is defined by Rankviewer as any data that can be used to identify you. Any transaction, use or sharing of said information is done in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


While registering, placing payments or communicating through or website and servers, you leave information that we gather and collect. Additionally, we are also interested in collecting information on how often and in which form you visit our website, how you use it, and which services are of interest to you. We also gather some third-party data through third-party accounts or other sources.


The data we gather and process:


The usage data
This is the data you generate by using our Services as a customer, od just by visiting our website. Our analytics tracking system gathers and analyzes it. The information we collect is the data on how frequent and long your visits are, in what way and form you use our Services, and where you are located and what your IP address is.


The account data
The account data is compiled of information like your name and email address.This is the information that’s necessary for entry certification and the access to our website, your account and services. It is crucial to us in terms of organization and maintenance of the website, provision of the rendered, high-quality services, and for the preservation of the high-level of security of our servers, databases, and communication.


The profile data
We also gather personal profile information. That includes your full name, address, place of employment, etc., so we could oversee and expedite the use of our servers and services, and maintain them.


The service data
Your generated traffic data, network information, data about your IT infrastructure and applications is the service data. This information is valuable to us, and we collect, process and analyze it in order to provide the Services we offer. This information is also vital to our process of operating and maintaining the databases, website and our hosting servers.


The publication data
We collect your publication data for publication, promotion, and administrative purposes.


The inquiry data
Inquiry data is gathered for marketing purposes. This data is necessary to us so we could offer, upgrade, market and sell our services or upgrades of our facilities to you.


Customer relationship data
Customer relationship data is related to the customer contact information and it includes the name, personal and business address and contact details of our customers. This type of data also includes all the information we obtained by communicating with you, our customers.


Collecting and processing this data has a goal of maintaining an open and mutually beneficial exchange with our clients. We collect and analyze this data, as well as our communication history that’s stored on our servers with the purpose of improving and advancing our services, content and support.


The transaction data
The transaction data of all payments and other transaction placed through our website and servers is recorded and stored appropriately.


The notification data
The notification data is all the information you provide during our communication in order to subscribe to our email notifications or newsletter. We gather this data because we wish to improve our marketing strategies and so we could send you more promotional material and relevant reports.


The correspondence data
The communication content and the metadata of said content is also gathered and collected to improve the communication and for record-keeping purposes.


Rankviewer will never misuse your information. Your information will never be used for other purposes, not otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, and Rankviewer will never share it with third-parties, unless authorised or requested by law to do so. We gather and process your personal identification information, as well as non-personal identification information for various reasons.


We need your information to maintain our website and servers so that we could provide you the Services rendered.


Collecting information will help Rankviewer to advance the quality of Services, as well as develop them further.


In order to process your payments for Services rendered, or any other approved transactions.


We collect the data on how frequently you visit our website, in which way you use our Services and we later analyse it to spot trends and familiarize ourselves with your activities with the goal of improving services and promoting features. Based on your activities, we will anticipate your needs and preferences, and adjust our Services accordingly.


Your information helps us maintain an open communication with you. This includes not only customer service and support but promotion as well.


From time to time, we’ll send you promotional material, such as features or newsletters, or surveys to determine the level of customer satisfaction. We will also send you Alerts, as part of our Services, which is why we need your personal information.


We also need your personal information to investigate any potential fraud or unauthorised access and other illegal activities.


In order to comply with legal obligations.


Rankviewer does not sell, trade, or rent personal or non-personal identification information to third parties, except in specific cases specified in this Privacy Policy Statement. We may share your information in the following circumstances:


– with our parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates
– with third-party service providers in order to provide services that help us with our business activities;
– to satisfy any applicable regulations, laws, legal processes or enforceable governmental requests;
– to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud or security or technical issues
– to process your payments;
– in case of an acquisition or a merger, we will share all our assets with the other party, including the client information;
– to inforce a Customer Agreement;
– in other cases, if we have your explicit consent.


The personal information will only be collected in cases when:


– we need the information in order to perform or provide services rendered;

– the information processing is within the guidelines and laws of the data protection law, and we have a legitimate reason to acquire and process it;

– we have your explicit consent to gather, process and store your personal information.


As a resident of any country that falls under the domain of the newly issued EU regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have certain rights and obligations.


This regulation allows you to always have access not only to the knowledge of what kind of personal data we collect, but to the data itself. Aside from that, EU regulations grant you the right to be informed about what your personal information will be used for, and with whom it will be shared, and why; which is the purpose of this Privacy Policy Statement.


Rankviewer is commited to warranting your rights to:


– request access to personal identification data, non-personal identification data, or any other data we hold;
– request that your personal data is corrected or deleted;
– revoke your consent to sharing your personal data with third-parties object or limit the use and proccessing of your personal data.


The Rankviewer website uses “cookies” to collect information, and you can choose whether or not to allow this. However, if you change the settings of your browser so that it stops accepting cookies altogether or without your explicit agreement.


Cookies are strings of information. Our website will store them on your computer, and the cookies will give feedback information to our website each time you log on. Cookies are used for record-keeping.


Rankviewer uses cookies to save your login information and to enable some features of our website. First of all, cookies will enable your browser to save your registration ID and password. Secondly, they will store information about your habits and activities on our website. Cookies are important to us, because they help us investigate your interactions with our features and Services. The main goal of cookies is to enhance User Experience, Security and Privacy. They allow us to separate and characterize user accounts and to conduct marketing research and promotion.


By using the Rankviewer website and services, you immediately accept our terms of service and Privacy Policy. Those terms can change at any time, to comply with changes in the company policies, as well as with future laws and regulations. If you continue to use our website after potential changes, you also accept those potential changes.


If you have any questions, inquiries, or complaints about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us. We take security and privacy very seriously, and have a Data Protection officer in our team. Feel free to reach out at any time at