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Because it's still online and realizes traffic.

Why track , isn’t it bankrupt?

Although Yahoo! has had a lot of bad luck lately with its ventures, this doesn’t mean its search engine isn’t widely used. In fact, it’s still one of the most popular search engines out there. Undoubtedly far behind Google, but still.  Using our Yahoo Rank Tracker to track your keywords in Yahoo! is a great idea for those who wish add a natural source of traffic.

Yahoo Rank Checker

Yahoo Statistics

According to 2018 statistics, Yahoo has a search engine market share of 2.08%, while Bing has a market share of 3.24%.

Yahoo! receives 536,101,505 searches a day, a fraction of the 4,464,000,000 that Google receives.

Yahoo controls 7% of the mobile search market share, while Bing only controls 1%.

Just over 3 percent of worldwide internet users search the web using Yahoo’s service

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Need more convincing? Here’s what you will get

Below you’ll find an overview of all the features that come with our Yahoo Rank Tracker.

Our Yahoo Rankings Are Accurate

Accurate rankings are our top priority. We developed a dynamic algorithm, strong enough to provide information on exact, definite Yahoo rankings. Your trust is our biggest asset, and, therefore, we don’t want to jeopardize it. Search engine algorithms change a couple of hundred times a year, and we strive to adapt and keep up with those modifications. That’s why we can say, with great pride, that our powerful algorithm will enable you to track precise Yahoo rankings at any time.

Our Yahoo Rankings Are Live

While it’s true that you shouldn’t obsess over your rankings, you should still keep a watchful eye on them. We provide you with an opportunity to watch the changes of your keyword rankings live. Our daily plans involve regular updates of all your keyword ranks, every 24 hours. If that’s not a satisfying frequency for you, we also offer bi-hourly plans, where your keyword positions are updated every 2 hours. Because we understand the urgency of certain situations, we also provide a solution when you need to know your rank instantaneously. You can check all your positions on Yahoo on demand with just one click.

You can Add Unlimited Domains

We do not limit the number of domains you can add to RankViewer. We understand that it’s challenging to juggle rank tracking for multiple websites. Therefore, for the sake of convenience and effectiveness, you can add as many domains as you need in order to oversee and handle all your rank tracking in one place. So, if you have a mini-site business model or a network of blogs, you can track relevant keywords on Yahoo for all of them.

See Yahoo Rankings to the 100th Position

It’s basic SEO knowledge that ranking on the first page is essential. Because most people abandon their searches if they don’t find wanted results on the first page, the difference between the first and the second ten positions is enormous. However, it’s also important to know where exactly your website ranks, even if it isn’t on the first page. Knowing if you rank on the third or the ninth page can help you make a well-educated decision on whether to optimize your on-page SEO, or starting build backlinks, and how many you would need. That’s precisely why we check Yahoo rankings to the 100th position.

Receive Keyword alerts

Because we strive to achieve the highest level of user satisfaction, we do everything to make the rank tracking process simple, convenient, and accommodating. That’s why we offer the Alert Feature. Ranks are continually changing. That’s why our program will send you an Alert each time any of the keywords you’re tracking changes position. That way, you can work on other things with a clear head, without imagining the disastrous plummeting of your ranks.

Yahoo Rank Tracker Pricing

Our plans are designed to scale with your needs. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Our plans come in monthly or annual terms with annual subscriptions attracting significant discounts.

  • Free 25

  • 0/mo
    • 25 keywords
    • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Local tracking enabled

  • Beginner 100

  • 5/mo
    • 100 keywords
    • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Local tracking enabled

  • Intermediate 250

  • 10/mo
    • 250 keywords
    • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Local tracking enabled